What we offer

Our kids ministries are organized in following areas below.  Our priority is every child's safety.  We have loving caring volunteers that have submitted to a thorough background check.

Sunday School | 9:30 am | Sundays

Baby with Parent thru 3rd Grade | Meet in Church Basement

Bubbles Show Us Jesus' Love. Kids love bubbles. They are endlessly fascinating to look at, to blow, and to pop. In this series, preschoolers will play with bubbles, and through their play learn some important lessons about the love of Jesus.  

Jesus Can Do Anything. Jesus is all-powerful; there's nothing He cannot do. And Jesus uses His power to protect, heal, provide and forgive us – because of his great love for us. Kids will learn that Jesus cares about me.

4th Grade -  6th Grade Kids Sunday School | Meet in Church Basement

Escape the Room -Temptation comes to all of us, but it doesn't have to trap us in the snare of sin. This series will give preteens Biblical strategies for dealing with temptation so that they can escape before it's too late. Science with Jesus - Kids will get to participate in or watch some fun experiments that remind them of some of the amazing miracles Jesus did.  These miracles show us how awesome God is and why Jesus is our Savior. Both are 4 week classes being held every other week.

During Worship Service | 10:30 am

Nursery | In the Church Basement

During the worship service we have a Baby & Preschool (thru age 4) nursery available,  downstairs in our basement. The space is designed to be bright, colorful, and interactive with activity areas.  One area just for babies with a crib/sleeping area and room for toddlers/preschoolers.  There is a bathroom close by. We work hard to make sure the environment is clean and that every child experiences genuine nurture and love.

Children's Message | In the Sanctuary

Kid's are invited up front during the worship service for a special message just for them.  Afterwards the Preschool age children are dismissed downstairs.

GEM's Girls Club 

Dec. 15, 2019 | 6:00 pm | girls grades 1-5, a Christian Reformed organized club for girls involving badges, devotions, and adventureclick for more info

*All adult nursery attendants and Sunday School teachers are long time members or attendees of Life in Christ CRC, all are required to complete a thorough background check before volunteering for any children ministries.