Brian Tebben


My family (4 children) and I moved here in June of 2010. There were a number of reasons for coming to Life in Christ. We were amazed at how friendly the church is. The church really is like a family.  It is quite diverse with people from all over the world. We have people from China, Japan, Cambodia and The Netherlands. We also have a few members who are Navajo.  We have people from all over North America. We liked  it that the church has a real sense of calling to be people of Jesus in this neighborhood and the valley. And of course the great neighborhood that the church is in and the gorgeous mountains were a real draw to come to SLC.

I tell people that our church is located on the best corner in Utah. We are located in between the University and the downtown area in a great neighborhood called the 9th and 9th. The 9th and 9th neighborhood is full of coffee shops, bakeries, stores, a movie theater and a great pub. The neighborhood is vibrant, funky, eclectic, diverse and that is increasingly mirrored in the make up of our church. 

I love Jesus and I love people. I also enjoy introducing people to what it means to be Reformed. If you are looking for a church or simply have questions about life and faith. I would love to talk to you!  




Member Assignment M-S
Deacon: Gary D.


Member Assignment A - C
Deacon: Elsa V.


Member Assignment D-L
Deacon: Amanda R.


Member Assignment T - Z
Deacon: Nate F.



Christa works with the deacons to maintain financial well-being of the church.   


Church Administrator
Dawn serves to provide support to the pastor, council and committees of the church.  Various roles:  bulletin preparation, order of worship power point, announcements, calendar updates, maintain membership statistics, church related correspondence, website & social media updates, building rental & scheduling, purchasing, event sign ups.