Sept. 16, 2020 Update
Since Salt Lake City has now moved to "yellow phase" the church council is ready and in the process of preparing to move forward with our 50 and fewer in-person worship services.  We will accomplish all government COVID-19 safety protocols.'s Yellow Phase Guidelines Flyer
Here's initially what to expect: 
- Face masks will be required at all times while in our building even during singing
- Hand sanitizer at door
- Sanitizing protocol of all touch points
- Social distance seating with RSVP system to accomplish this, staying under 50 people in the church.
- No Sunday School yet
- No congregating together in the building before or after service
- No Bulletins, all digital
- Live Streaming each Sunday for those who want to still stay at home.

July 21, 2020 Update

Pastor Brian's Update & Prayer Video

July 15, 2020 Update

Life in Christ will not reopen the building as long as SLC is still in the "orange phase", which means gatherings of only 20 people or less.  Please keep the church and everyone in your prayers as we continue to worship through on-line live streaming.'s Orange Phase Guidelines Flyer

Pastor Brian will be doing an update video this week.

We will keep everyone informed as soon as SLC moves into the Yellow Phase and the church council determines it is safe for us to look at reopening with precautions.  Again it all depends on the government requirements and doing the smart thing to protect our members and attendees.

July 1, 2020 Update

It is a joy to journey with you—particularly in this new and evolving season of navigating a global pandemic! We know that these last couple months of social distancing have impacted each person differently, and we pray you are able to find the connections and support you need during this time. As a reminder, please reach out to God, to each other, and to us as you experience your own unique needs.

Since the time we closed our physical buildings in March and transitioned weekend services online, we have heard from many of you that—while not ideal—as a community, we are adjusting to the “new normal” of this season. Thank you for your patience, your feedback, your encouragement, and your grace as we have all adapted to these sudden and challenging changes.

Now, as communities around the globe, the U.S., and Utah enter varying strategies of re-opening, at Life in Christ we continue to pray for wisdom, abide by recommendations of local governing authorities, and our back-to-church task force is leaning on the guidance of trusted leaders and experts, including:

  • Members within the Health Departments for Salt Lake County who are closely connected with the evolving science behind this virus and the recommendations for mitigating its spread.
  • Mental health practitioners who are on the front lines of counseling and treating people dealing with the effects of increased isolation, relational and financial strain, anxiety, and depression.
  • Medical practitioners who are in environments of testing and treating COVID-19.
  • Other industry professionals whose expertise is in coordinating mass gatherings, and leading large groups.

As we weigh this input and consider how to safely execute an inviting and inclusive weekend service in our buildings, at this point, we do not have a firm timeline for opening our services. We know that’s disappointing for many of you, and we also are grieving the ongoing time of not gathering together in person. We are thankful this group of trusted professionals helping us make informed decisions around our reopening.

In the meantime, we believe that partnering with others is an essential component of our discipleship journey. We aren’t meant to live this life alone, and connecting with others authentically enriches life tremendously. In this season, we are grateful for the creative opportunities God has provided for us to continue gathering even while the building is closed. 

Now—as the church is more essential than ever—we encourage you to lean into your God-given creativity to continue finding ways to be the church outside of our building. Gather in a park or on your front yard to share a meal. Go on a bike ride with some folks from church. Join a virtual meeting and encourage one another mid-week. Invite another family to join you as you project the weekend service to a sheet hung on the wall of your garage after dark. Live life with others and with Jesus in a way that safely makes sense.

As we chart our path through the days, weeks, and months ahead, we are grateful to be doing so in community with you, and with God. Even as the novelty of doing life on Zoom and Youtube Live Streaming has long faded away, and as we become increasingly impatient with the nature of our socially-distanced circumstances, our prayer continues for our community: may we entrust every aspect of our lives to King Jesus, who knows the future.