worship . sundays . 10:30 am | 9th & 9th neighborhood | 803 east 900 south . salt lake city . utah | 801.359.4243

Life in Christ CRC

worship . sundays . 10:30 am   |   9th & 9th neighborhood   | 803 east 900 south . salt lake city . utah   |   801.359.4243

Adult Sunday Class (Intergenerational Class)

Pre-service Groups This fall we’re prioritizing community—creating time to talk together, eat together, create together, reflect on God’s word together. So…join your community...get to know someone new to you…enjoy life in Christ!

9:15 each Sunday

Good Morning! (bagels, coffee and juice) | Back of sanctuary

All meet briefly in the sanctuary and pick up bagels, coffee and juice before heading to group gathering places.

9:30-10:15 | 1st & 3rd Sundays

Art and the Gospel of Mark | Meets in the sanctuary | All ages

Reflect on select passages from the gospel of Mark at home, and come ready for a brief reflection followed by related community and individual art projects; led by artists connected to our congregation.

9:30 | 2nd & 4th Sundays

Christian Education at Life in Christ | Green building (upstairs) |  Adults

Adult Education Class called "Changing Church".  Our culture is going through tremendous changes.  We are living longer, having fewer children and often living alone. Our society is becoming more diverse and connected, yet people tend to feel more isolated and alone. These changes in society are also changing the church. How should the church respond to these changes in our culture when we look at things like Adult and children's education and worship? How can we be a church that meets the challenges of today? .

Kids Fellowship | Green bldg. (girls upstairs, boys downstairs)| Age 3 - grade 5

Kids bring their bagels to the education building for brief devotions followed by crafts or games.

City Youth A.M. Coffee | Meets in education bldg. | Middle school & high school

For those not wishing to join the discussion on Christian education, come hang out and catch up with others at Life in Christ.

Senior Group

Varies each month |   Once a month our adult seniors enjoy fellowship together by doing a special outing... in the past this has included:  Utah Museum of Fine Arts, tour of a city library or have a guest speaker on different subjects.  They also eat lunch together.  See Calendar for next event. 

Prayer Group
Wednesdays . 7:00 pm |  Meets in the church education building.  

Book Group
Various times |  Join other readers for snacks and a lively discussion about books.  See our calendar when and where we meet.

Sundays . 9:00 am | welcoming all who love to sing, regular performances during worship as well as two annual cantatas